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The Top 8 Benefits of Using Facebook Ads

With over 1.3 billion users, Facebook is the most widely used social media platform in the world. It should be no surprise that Facebook Ads is an excellent way to drive traffic to your website, increase sales, and improve brand awareness. Below are our 10 ten reasons for using Facebook Ads to grow your business.

1. Users Access Facebook An Average Of 8x Per Day

This means there are 8 opportunities for potential clients to see your ad and impressions are key. A customer on average needs to see your business or product at least 4 times before making the decision to invest their hard earned money in your company. If users are checking in an average of 8x per day it provides the perfect platform for your advertisements to be seen as frequently as possible.

2. Facebook Advertising Builds Brand Awareness

In 2018 it is expected that Facebook will have over 207 million users in the US alone. If you want to introduce your brand to as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time, there is no better way than using Facebook Ads.

3. Introduce Your Business to the Right People

The audience that views your Facebook Ads is highly customizable ensuring that your marketing dollars are invested wisely. Facebook Ads allow us to conduct field research on your business to conclude the best users to market your business to. This is opposed to a magazine ad which you have no control over who will see your ad.

4. Only Pay For Results

The beauty of Facebook Ads is that you only pay for actual results which can save your business thousands of dollars. With a magazine print ad you are not guaranteed results. However, a Facebook Ad can be designed so you only pay when a user actually clicks a link and visits your site.

5. Get Creative With Your Ads

Facebook allows several different types of advertisements which also allows our company to get creative with the types of ads we place. Take our video ads for example. Video advertising is on the rise and can draw more attention. Facebook also offers carousel ads, the use of gifs, and even mobile optimized ads.

6. You Can Grow Your Email List

Having an email list is a very powerful tool for re-marketing. As we mentioned earlier, statistics show that buyers need to see an item or service at least 4x before they finally pull the trigger. Having an email list gives your business a way to further promote yourself to future potential customers and re-market to customers you already have. We have very clever ways we use Facebook Ads to not only produce sales but collect user information.

7. Budget Friendly

With Facebook Ads you can set your own budget and even adjust it while your ad are running. If an ad is performing well you can invest a little more. You can also split your monthly budget into multiple different ads that target different services and products.

8. Great Research and Analytics

When you place a print ad there is no data accumulated to help understand how your ad performed. This is not the case with Facebook Advertisements which provide a plethora of useful information. A smart marketing company such as our, will use this information to improve the performance of your ads and audience targeting. The end result will be better ad performance and more sales saving your business money.


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