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Social Media Management

Social Media is one of the newest forms of marketing that few marketing companies understand how to utilize. It provides a free avenue to deliver your company message, introduce your business, and engage with your community. Our company utilizes social media by interacting with hundreds of users each day who would be most likely to show interest in your business by liking, commenting, and following key accounts. Think of it as a virtual business card. Butterfly Social Media specializes in Social Media Management, Strategy, and content creation on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube.


How can Social Media benefit your business?

Reach More Potential Customers


Through social media, you can reach even more potential customers without additional advertising costs with our advanced targeting strategies.

Increase Brand Awareness


Stay fresh in the minds of potential and current customers with daily content. We also introduce your business to hundreds of social media users each day.

Share Informative Content


Social Media provides the perfect avenue to provide potential customers with a plethora of information about your business through creative photo's, video's, and graphics.

Engage With Your Community


Social Media provides a quick and efficient way to engage with your community, show the personality of your business, answer questions, release special offers, and provide exceptional customer service.



Ready to grow your business? Contact us today for a free digital strategy session. We will evaluate your business and let you know our recommendations on what marketing plans are needed to help your business thrive.

Headquarters located in Orange County & Los Angeles, CA

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